Pickled Radishes — We Can Pickle That!

Remember this episode of Portlandia from a few years back? We can pickle that! Pickled radishes are about to be your new best friend, if you’re wondering what to do with the ones you grew or bought.     I posted recently about growing and harvesting radishes although I wasn’t really sure what to do […]

Chive Blossom Vinegar

Ever heard of chive blossom vinegar? I’ve never grown chives before and had no idea they bloomed nor what to do with a chive blossom except admire its beauty, let alone make vinegar with them. Last year I had the opportunity to save some perennials from an abandoned garden and I dug up some chives […]

Spring Planting — How to Prep Your Garden

It’s finally warming up, Mother’s Day is this weekend, and you’re ready to plant flowers and veggies but not sure where to begin. Here’s a handy infographic that sums up the steps for prepping your garden for spring planting. You can also read an expanded version of each step here. Happy Mother’s Day, happy Spring, […]

Gardening Playlist

Need songs to add to your gardening playlist? I came up with a few this week between waiting for the rain to stop long enough to plant things! What are your favorite tunes to get down and dirty to in the garden? Hyacinth House –The Doors I need a brand new friend…to help me weed! […]

Fried Morel Mushrooms Recipe

Earlier this week I wrote about foraging for morel mushrooms and that I was lucky enough to find enough to fry. Today I’m posting the preparation process and will show you step-by-step what to do with morels after you find them! Disclaimer: ┬áif you’re looking for a real professional recipe with nutrition content and precise […]

Mushroom Hunting — With a Machete

I’ve been mushroom hunting recently. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s an annual rite of Spring in certain states where the elusive wild morel mushroom grows. Here in the Hoosier state, many “country” kids learn how to forage for morels as soon as they’re old enough to walk in the woods near […]

Radish — Delish Dish or Not So Much?

Sometimes I grow stuff I am really not into eating. Like the radish, for example. I don’t find much appealing about radishes and I know exactly one person who likes them. This year I got suckered into buying radish seeds because the seed packet was so darn cute and the name (“French Breakfast”) of the […]

Saucer Magnolia — Magnolias in the North.

Magnolia trees above the Mason-Dixon Line? Yes. A few weeks ago, I was driving down the road and passed the prettiest tree covered with large, purple-ish blooms. At first glance, and because I was in motion and so was the tree from all the wind that day, I thought the pretty purple blur was a […]

Van Sion Double Daffodils

Little did I know on that a visit to my family’s home on Easter Sunday would turn into a history lesson and lead to some serious research on something called a “Van Sion daffodil.” Daffodils are blooming everywhere right now in my area, but these are not your typical cup-and-saucer formation variety. My parents literally […]

Invest in Your Garden with Pay Dirt

Invest in your garden with pay dirt this Spring! As many gardeners know, the key to a plentiful and productive garden starts with your soil. Some call it organic matter, others call it “black gold,” and what I’m writing about today could be referred to as “pay dirt.” A local friend of mine contacted me […]