Garden Update — July

Because who doesn’t like a garden update for comparison’s sake, or simply in the interest of following along? In this post I’ll show and tell you what I have growing. Tomatoes and Peppers: I have 7 pepper plants and I think just as many tomato plants going now. Some are in containers and some are […]

How to Trench Compost

You might think that are certain prerequisites to being a greener gardener, such as no pesticides and a big compost pile. Well, gardening is more adaptable than you think, and while it’s better for the planet if you don’t use chemicals, you can skip the compost pile in favor of a different type of solution. […]

Plants Gone Wild — Petunias

Plants gone wild are those I consider to have defied their specified and contained existence set forth by humans. They are those that go on to do their own thing, never mind whence they came. They could pop up anywhere, at any time, like little flowery ninjas! They may have assistance from other forces of […]

Soapy Soap Company Kickstarter

A few years ago I posted a review of Soapy Soap Company’s Gardener’s Soap. I took a tour of their facility and was amazed at how high-tech and strategic their process was. I’ve bumped into them several times around town since then (it’s not hard to do–they’re everywhere!) and have continued to use and love […]

Nasturtium — Not Nasty, Just Nice

Nasturtium. Say it with me, “nas-TUR-shum.” It is an herb; a wonderful, beautiful, flowering herb with lilypad-like foliage and hibiscus-like blooms. Also? You can eat it. Guess what else? It’s a natural pest deterrent, discouraging evil invaders like slugs, caterpillars, and all kinds of things that love to eat your cabbages and cauliflowers. I started […]

Oliver Winery Finery

Today I ran up to Oliver Winery to get some inspiration and reflect on where my blog is going these days. You may or may not know this, but Indiana is home to a whole slew of wineries, and several are right here in south central Indiana. We live in amazing times, folks. Let’s have […]

Chive Blossom Vinegar

Ever heard of chive blossom vinegar? I’ve never grown chives before and had no idea they bloomed nor what to do with a chive blossom except admire its beauty, let alone make vinegar with them. Last year I had the opportunity to save some perennials from an abandoned garden and I dug up some chives […]