Garden Update–August

This is more of a “lessons learned” for the year than an update, maybe I should re-title. Brassicas are probably not for me. I’ve tried several times now, and the caterpillars are winning. Even the 2 cabbages I managed to save I couldn’t eat because I was too scared to cut them up and find…caterpillars. […]

Veggie Swap

What happens when you grow an overabundance of something, or you accidentally purchased and planted something drastically different from what you THOUGHT you were growing? Don’t go tossing things in the compost bin or freezer just yet. Last week I was perusing my Facebook feed when I noticed an update from a local gardening group […]

Zinnia Overload!

Zinnias are pretty much my favorite flower to grow. They’re ridiculously easy to start from seed (throw zinnia seeds on the ground, forget them), they grow fast, they bloom forever, and as cut flowers last for weeks. They attract bees and butterflies (and humans) with their stunning, bright blooms, and they are CRAZY photogenic. I […]

Plantain and Purslane

Right now you are probably growing something awesome and you didn’t even intend to. Plantain weed and purslane are two of my recent discoveries (I live, I learn) and holy shiitake, who knew? I’ve noticed plantain weed growing in driveway cracks and lawns for years but never knew what it was. Turns out it’s like […]