Glads and Sads

Live anywhere long enough and you’ll see friendships form and falter, relationships begin and end, couples hit milestones, neighbors die or move away, new babies born, and new neighbors move in. I’ve seen all of those happen in my neighborhood in the past few years and the most grief I’ve felt wasn’t when a neighbor […]

Tadpoles in the Rain Barrel

Apparently emerald thumbs grow not only plants, but animals; specifically amphibians. When I was growing up, my parents had this medium-sized spring-fed pond, and at times you could see tons of tadpoles in the water, or just scoop some up with your hands. It’s been a long, long time since then and when I think […]

NIMBUS–Keep It Cloudy

Everyone’s talking about “the cloud” these days, in the technological sense, anyway. So a gardening product called NIMBUS seems entirely timely and appropriate for the tech-savvy plant lover who loves an intuitive device.This past February I met up with the people from NIMBUS at the Garden Blogger’s Conference, and when they reached out to me […]

DIY Hanging Basket Tutorial

Earlier this spring, I blogged about my “thriller, filler, spiller” containers. Today I thought I’d do another tutorial about hanging baskets for shady areas since my little DIY project was a success! (Here is the inspiration tutorial I used.) We have a small, covered front porch with room to hang a few containers, but it […]