How to Grow Paperwhites

Back in November, I won some paperwhite bulbs in a Twitter giveaway from Garden Harvest Supply. I received them promptly, opened the package, and then the holidays got the best of me. I finally got around to “planting” them a couple weeks ago! Paperwhites, or Narcissus papyraceus, are part of the daffodil family but don’t require […]

Chia –Not Just a Pet

Chia seeds are one of those things that make me think of Chia Pets at the drugstore and not much else. Ch-ch-ch-chia! goes the jingle from the commercials of my childhood and for years I thought that was the only use for them. Turns out it’s not. Chia seeds are having a moment again and […]

Sprouting Lentils

We’re a few weeks into winter now, and while I am growing several things inside right now, I really miss homegrown fresh produce. One of the easiest ways to get something fresh and green growing inside is sprouting. You can sprout all kinds of things, but I chose lentils because I already had them on […]

Great Gardening Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again–when you’re racking your tired brain trying to come up with a unique gift for the person who has everything, or maybe for the person who likes to keep things minimalist. But a gardening gift guide? In the WINTER? Surely you jest, Her Emerald Thumb! I can assure you, I […]

Parsley, Pansies, and Garlic–December Gardening

It’s in the low 50s here in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana today, and I took advantage of the lovely weather to finish pre-winter outdoor cleanup chores. I also found some unexpected plant friends hanging on and even thriving despite several weeks of chilly weather and morning frosts. Pansies, parsley, and garlic…in December? Yes! First up, parsley! […]

How to Become a Master Gardener

It has been 2 years since I heard about and decided to participate in the Purdue Master Gardener training/volunteer program. This past summer I finally completed the last of the 35 hours of volunteer work I needed to become certified, and in September I received my crown certificate. I feel very official! Here is a […]