Fall Gardening Anxiety

So it’s officially Fall and at this point I’m never quite sure what my garden should be doing or what I should be doing to it. My goal is to have something growing outdoors all year round, but so far I haven’t managed to conquer the months of January and February, unless I can count […]

Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

On a beautiful, sunny October day in Bloomington, the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch of 2015 took place on the Monroe County courthouse lawn. I was lucky enough to attend this amazing event with my family, and I want to share it with you! 900 blown glass pumpkins were displayed on the courthouse lawn, perched on […]

NIMBUS $10 Off Promo Code

Hi everyone! I’m working with NIMBUS to help get this amazing product into your home or business. Early in the summer, I posted all about the NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System, which you can read here, and I am still really happy with its performance! My Boston fern has been thriving all summer and now I don’t […]

Swiss Chard Confession

I grew Swiss chard this year and it is BEE-YOO-TI-FUL. But not one bite have I taken. I’ve eaten Swiss chard before, years ago, sauteed alongside a filet mignon; more recently in vegetable soup. The problem is not that I have an aversion to Swiss chard. The problem is that I don’t want to cut […]

How to Save Marigold Seeds

I grew some EPIC marigolds this year. I’ve never sown marigold seeds before, and actually never purchased or planted marigolds at all. I know that many people use them as natural pest deterrents in the garden and as colorful annual flowers in other areas, but for whatever reason they never appealed that much to me. […]

Garden Update–August

This is more of a “lessons learned” for the year than an update, maybe I should re-title. Brassicas are probably not for me. I’ve tried several times now, and the caterpillars are winning. Even the 2 cabbages I managed to save I couldn’t eat because I was too scared to cut them up and find…caterpillars. […]